Friday, February 15, 2013

Tarot Reflection: Temperance or The Alchemist!

                                     Temperance - Take a Sad Song, and Make It Better!

Life does not always give us roses, but we can take the bad things life gives to us and make them better. If we live dwelling on the negative, then the negative will be all we see. Many times negative things are actually blessings in disguise. The lose of a job one has had for many years can result in a positive career change one would never have made otherwise. Or a crippling car accident can lead to one gaining a whole new perspective on life and becoming a positive voice for change.

Things are not always what they seem. Good, bad, ugly, beautiful are just terms we use to describe things we understand only on a superficial level. When we look deep down we begin to understand that all things work for good, or at least can work for good if we have the eyes to see the good within.  Find the good in a negative situation today, then begin the alchemical work of transmuting it for the better!