Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tarot From A Hermetic View Point. Introductory Readings for $5.99

A part of our spiritual skills include Tarot Readings from a Hermetic point of view.  In doing Tarot readings we do not focus on predicting the future (Pop Divination), rather we focus on what the voice of Spirit has to say to the seeker concerning a particular problem or concern.  We view Tarot as a Universal visual Scripture relating Spiritual Truths in the forms of pictures and combinations of pictures.  In doing a Tarot Reading we relate these Spiritual Truths to the question at hand and offer guidance based on the insights given.

As a special introduction to Tarot Reading we are offering the following Lenten Special.  An in depth one card reading via Email for only $5.99.  This reading will be delivered to your Email address within 24 to 36 hours of payment.  All Email readings are delivered in PDF format, and include a picture of the card used.  To order click the Buy Now link below. In the PayPal Special Instruction box please give us your name, date of birth, question or concern, and Email address you would like to use for our reply.  This introductory offer is good from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.  Limit one per week per client.     

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Frater Ralph