Sunday, February 24, 2013

Introducing - Jesus On Meditation: Reflections from Matthew

Three years ago I wrote two short articles entitled "Did Jesus Meditate?" which surprisingly received a lot of attention when first written, and continue to get a lot of attention to this day.  The articles were written at a time when I was still fairly new to the practice of meditation (having only meditated consistently since December of 2007), and was still new as well to linking the practice of meditation to Scriptural texts.  Since then what was new and strange for me has now become glaringly obvious.  Not only did Jesus meditate, there are numerous instructions and insights given both in the teaching of Jesus and in other Biblical material concerning the practice of meditation.  Some will be obvious; others will need to be fleshed out a bit.  But with a little explanation I think we can begin to demonstrate there is a wealth of material in many Biblical texts which the average person has heard (perhaps repeatedly in both Church and Sunday School) but never linked to the practice of meditation.  I will begin the series tonight starting with the Gospel of Matthew.  Thank you for your continued interest in this topic even after a writing lapse of three years.  I promise future updates will not take so long!


Frater Ralph