Sunday, January 31, 2010

Give Me Something To Believe In - Music by Poison.

What Do We Really Believe?

I hear many people say they believe in helping the homeless, the sick, the destitute. I hear many people say they believe in relieving the suffering of so many people around them. I hear people say, "Somebody ought to do something about things like this." not realizing that they are somebody with the means to act.

What do we really believe in? Where do our hearts really lie? Take a moment to look through the ledger on your checkbook or to look at your latest credit card statement. Where have you been spending the bulk of your time and money? That is what you believe in the most. Does it match well with what you say your inner beliefs really are? Chances are it doesn't.

The problems of the world seem so many and so diverse. We often times wonder what any one of us can do to solve even a few of the worlds problems, let alone the many we see. What can one person do? Perhaps not much. But, a group of people working in community...sharing their resources...pooling together their time, talents, and material resources....providing spiritual support and encouragement...seeing to their own inner growth and the spiritual growth of others...this is where miracles can happen and lives can be changed. Working alone we are limited in what we can do. Working together, in harmony, we can all give the world a little something to believe in!