Monday, July 27, 2009

Prayer of Peace, Recovery, and Wholeness.

Tonight and every night at 8 pm CT(2 am GMT for our International Friends) St Francis Place will be hosting a time for Prayers of Peace, Recovery, and Wholeness, and we invite all of our friends in the Internet community to join us. Prayer and Meditation will last from 8 to 9 pm CT (2-3 am GMT), and again at 1-2 am CT (7-8 am GMT) and will focus on the manifestation of Peace and Wholeness in our lives and local communities. During this time our prayers will be directed not in praying for peace and wholeness, but in manifesting peace and wholeness; in being peace and wholeness. Recognizing that peace and wholeness are already in our lives and feeling that peace and wholeness in our hearts, giving thanks for this blessed gift, and projecting it outward into the hearts and lives of our friends, families, and communities. In this way we recognize the gift that God has already given to us, and seek to manifest this gift more fully in ourselves and in the world around us.

If you wish to participate simply drop whatever you are doing between the hours of 8 and 9 pm (2-3 am GMT) or 1-2 am CT (7-8 am GMT)and Pray and Meditate with us, where ever you may be. If you are unable to keep the whole hour, whatever time you can give will be helpful, even if only a few minutes. In God's time only the present moment exists. All other measures of time are simply constructs!

The St. Francis Place Prayer Group now has a Discussion Board running on Google Groups. This should allow those participating to keep in regular communications more easily, and help in coordination of Prayer Group Intentions and Activities. To access the Board, follow the link below:

Registration on the Discussion Board is free, so join up today. The group is Non-Denominational and Inter-Faith; all are truly welcome!

Looking forward to your participation in this time of prayer.

God Bless,

Ralph & Heydi
St Francis Place
Wheatland Mo. USA

Prayers of Peace, Recovery, and Wholeness.

Join us for an hour of prayer every day from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm Central Standard Time. Prayers will be focused on Peace, Recovery, Wholeness, and the Manifestation of Good in our lives and communities. All are welcome to join in!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gregg Braden Interview.

In this interview Gregg discuses his training in western science, his deep interest in eastern philosophy and the science behind prayer and miracles on the level of quantum physics. Very worth while program!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New EFT Practice Serving Springfield Mo. A Personal Share.

Good Day Friends,

My name is Ralph Lindenberger, Co-Founder and Director of St. Francis Place and a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I would like to share some of my family experiences with this simple, natural, and highly effective treatment known as EFT.

When I first heard of EFT, I was hopeful, yet somewhat skeptical. EFT was explained to me as a natural treatment, similar to acupuncture, only without the needles. I was told EFT worked by unblocking the bodies natural flow of energy by tapping along certain "Energy Meridians" on various locations of the body. I was familiar with the practice of Acupuncture, and being a practitioner of Meditation, I was familiar with the concept of Energy Meridians. Yet the practice of EFT sounded so simple, gentle, and non-invasive, I doubted if it could truly be as effective as proponents claimed. Still I decided to give it a try.

My first challenge for the use of EFT involved an emotional problem. Deep down for many years I have had a fear of failure. No matter what I did, or how confident I would appear on the outside, I always expected the worst to happen when embarking on a new project. I knew I needed to boost self-confidence, so I used the tapping technique on my fear of failure. After one session, I felt better with a boost of self confidence, and figured the process had been a success, at least on a superficial level. But the real test came, unexpectedly, the next day during a conversation with my parents. My wife and I had gone through a highly emotional trauma involving certain people involved in our previous employment. For the past couple of years I had felt a deep resentment of our treatment by these people at that time. My parents are still involved with these parties, and sometimes bring them up in general conversation. Usually, when that happens, my emotional state goes through the roof. I go on a what I have called a "resentment trip" for the rest of the day, stewing and simmering over the past. But, when my parents brought up these people after my EFT treatment for fear of failure, I unexpectedly found my self calm, cool and collected both during this conversation, and after! After a couple of years stewing over this past resentment, I found myself suddenly free of this negative emotional burden. I figured the result was "psychological" in nature, but at least it worked, both for self confidence and the related resentment issue!

Our next experiment with EFT involved our family dog. She has been very much afraid of thunder and lightening storms, and every time one moves through she is a wreck. If a storm comes through at night time, none of us get any sleep. After studying the procedure my wife put our dog through a session of the EFT tapping technique. Since then we have had thunder and lightening storms every other day, and she has been fine through them all. No fears, no trembling, no making messes on the carpet. This showed me EFT worked on more than just a psychological level, as there was no way our dog could be convinced psychologically as to the perceived benefits of EFT. She is a smart little dog, but not that smart!

Next I tried EFT on a case of poison ivy. I applied EFT to the problem, just as the rash was starting to blister. Later that day, instead of blistering further, the rash dried up and disappeared! After this, I was convinced!

How does EFT work? In a nutshell, EFT works by unblocking the flow of energy throughout the body. Just as proper blood flow is needed through the arterial system to maintain good health and wholeness, so too proper energy flow is needed throughout the bodys nervous system for emotional and physical health. If the energy flow is blocked, negative emotional states can arise: anger, depression, shame, and the like. If these emotional states are not addressed they may well manifest themselves as physical ailments: headaches, nausea, even arthritis and cancers can result. EFT unblocks the flow of energy by tapping along key points of the bodies Energy Meridians. This is often done in only a few sessions. The result is freedom from the negative emotional state, followed in many cases by relief from the accompanying physical ailments. Aches and pains are reduced, or disappear completely. And it works on man, woman, or beast alike!

Are there limits to EFT? Yes there are. EFT does not work on maladies that are purely physical in nature such as broken bones and gun shoot wounds. But, even in these cases, it can be used to speed healing after conventional medical treatment has been applied. EFT is not intended to be used as a replacement for standard medical treatment, but as a healing aid that can be used to boost the effectiveness of medical treatment, or treat cases where standard medical techniques have failed. Any illnesses that are created by negative emotional states can be addressed using EFT. These illnesses include, but are not limited to:

...Migraine Headaches,
...Sexual Dysfunction,
...Low Self Esteem,
...Weight Lose,
...Blood Pressure Problems,
...Fears and Phobias,

The list goes on...

EFT has been endorsed by such recognized doctors as Deepak Chopra and Eric Robins. And since it's discovery in the 1980's it has been used to help thousands. We are using it to help us...maybe it can be used to help you as well!

God Bless,


"Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, EFT will be one of their primary healing it is for me." -Eric Robins, MD

"EFT offers great healing benefits" -Deepak Chopra, MD