Thursday, July 21, 2011

InterFaith Unity, Contemplation, and Humanitarian Outreach: Our Guiding Stars.

Here at St Francis Place our work revolves around three basic concepts which together form our mission: InterFaith Unity, Contemplation, and Humanitarian Outreach.

InterFaith Unity:

We are all God's Children regardless of how we see or understand God. By coming together in extended community both online and face to face we learn to see the commonalities that exist between us. Eventually we begin to see not just the Unity which exists between us, but also the Oneness of all things; all things being rooted in the Creator. With each other's support and friendship we break through the walls of illusion which have divided us for too long, and begin building bridges of love and Unity!


Contemplation, or Prayer and Meditation; call it what you will. This discipline is known to all in varying forms. Some may sit cross-legged chanting a mantra. Another may take a silent walk in nature. Others may lose themselves in creating or observing a work of art. Still others may gain this state of mind in the very deep and profound study of Scripture. Contemplation gives us the ability to see beyond ourselves and into the Mind of the Universe. In Contemplation we seek out the Will of God, as we understand God, and gain the insight, strength and energy needed to do the work that needs to be done. We cut through the chatter of our day-to-day lives and listen to the silence and the stillness of the Divine. By engaging in these practices on a daily basis we attain Serenity, Peace of Mind, and Wisdom.

Humanitarian Outreach (Helping Others):

We have all needed help at one time or another. And in our times of deepest need there was somebody there to help. It is not always possible or even necessary to repay those who have been there for us, but we can honor our benefactors through the simple act of "paying it forward." When we see a person in need, give whatever you can. Give without demanding payment in return. Rather ask only that when their circumstances improve they also repay your kindness by spreading the gift of goodness to others. We all have needs, and we all have abilities. Let us use them not just in the service of ourselves, but in the service of others as well. Thus we fulfill the Scriptural command, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself."

Here at St Francis Place, InterFaith InterPeace, ACA, and our other ministerial outreach programs we practice being open to all regardless of religion (or lack there-of), race, creed, color, sex, or sexual orientation. All with an open heart are welcome.

If you would like to join our extended online community, message me for details. Those wishing to make a donation to this work may do so by clicking on the "Donate" button above.

Thank You For Your Care and Interest,